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We manufacture reliable roof tiles to match the attributes of:

  • ¬†Smooth surface
  • Consistent dimension
  • Minimal shading
  • High strength
  • Low water absorption, water impermeable
  • On time delivery

At our production floor we incorporate these attributes in our range of Kanmuri products. We employ advance Japanese technology with full automation to ensure uniform and standardized production process. We implement stringent quality control from selection of raw material up to final sorting and packing of the finished product.

We limit the clay particle size; vaccumed and compacted the clay and press to obtain the smooth shape of tile. The drying is in full automatic tunnel dryer to get low and uniform moisture content. The colouring process uses international standard glazed raw material. The final process, Firing is up to 1100 degree Celsius and use fully computerized equipment to ensure no product deformation and consistent colour in the final product.

We deliver the product to you on time as result of our professional management team, full inventory computer system and the support of our credible supplier.

Standard Process


Clay Preparation:
Several ENGINEs of clay are mixed and fine grinded to get very fine particle size using Roller Mills. The correct clay-mix is crucial to obtain excellent finished product quality.

clay-in-the-stok-yard pug-mill roller-mill screen-fedder

Clay-mix now goes through the de-aired extruder where it is continuously extruded out, well compacted and with no air bubble trapped inside. Clay extrusion is then placed into the closed-mould in high pressure pressing machine to obtain the final roof tile shaped

forming-area extruder pressing-machine

Moisture is extracted out from the tile body when going through the computerized drying chamber.

dryer-car dry-entrance

International quality of glaze material is applied to the surface of the tile. Glaze materials include pigments (to determine colour) and frits for glossiness effect.

ball-for-glaze-mill-prep glazing-line glazing-tank

Glazed tiles go through the tunnel kiln fired up to 1.100 Celsius degree using natural gas. Kiln is fully computerized to ensure no product deformation and consistent colour tone on the final product.

kiln-entrance tunnel-kiln kiln-drier-cp exit-kiln